Monday, March 24, 2014

Transfer Day!

Letter from 3/21:
   I forgot to tell you in my email that yesterday we had 2 less active ladies come to church that I had been working on the whole time I have been here! We had a crazy lesson with a crazy person tonight. Russell, who is the Afghanistan returnee is doing good. We haven't got to sit down with him yet, but he is pretty interested, or so it seems.
   That is way cool you are doing Maddie and Josh's flowers! You are welcome for the business BTW!
   That is funny Dad is thinking of buying another Subaru. But you guys should honestly look into a little VW Diesel car. That's what I kinda wanna get when I get home! You can't beat 40 MPG!
   It's really cool Dad and Jeremy have been working out! Have they been lifting at all?
   To answer you about the emails..I actually like the 5 separate emails!
Well, I'm off to bed! Love ya!
Elder Cade Joseph Robinson

The boys were honorary chili cook off judges on Saturday. Cade looks like one got a tad spicy!

Email from 3/24:
   I am headed to deep rez!! Round Rock, AZ. I have to be in Farmington at 0800 tomorrow! My new address is: 
Elder Cade Robinson
P.O.Box 695
Many Farms, AZ
   The Google drive thing worked great! If you have any good music that you think is appropriate and that I would like send it on down by all Means!
The Chili cook off was so fun! There were some hot ones though! But my tongue is slowly but surely changing to love southwestern food! Green chili is the bomb!
Well I already sent my news! My new comps name is Elder Cook. And I will be living with 2 other elders that all cover the same branch. One of them was in my MTC district, Elder Peterson!
That is so sweet Aub placed and lettered! 
And those are some pretty sweet drawings!
How was gmas and gpas? I miss them so stinking bad sometimes and the cookies just made it a little worse cuz they were amazing!
It is getting to be nice here too i am just itching for General Conf to come around though so I can ditch the suit!!!!!
Well the goodbyes have been super sad here! and I have a lot more to go too! I have been sworn to have to come back to visit by a ton of people though and they all tell me I can stay in their spare rooms haha! 
Well Have a great Spring Break!
Love ya!
Elder Cade Joseph Robinson

This picture was sent to us today by the Cooks at what looks like a goodbye lunch. I have a feeling that we will not be graced with so many pictures as what sweet Sister Cook has kept us supplied with. We will miss her watching out for Cade!

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