Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Lone Email

Well, just a small email this week! Here it is!

Well momma,
All Is well Down Here. And i am glad to hear yall are doing so well up there!
I am glad to hear the Nuzios are making steps towards Baptism Even if they are baby ones!
It is kinda hard to believe that the bishop still likes me , huh?
But i do understand why nobody comes around anymore I was the party! It wouldnt be any fun if i wasnt there! Duh!
I am kinda excited to see all the movies i have been/will miss. It sounds like there was some pretty good ones!
Alright here is the beef for this week! Monday was a We cleaned the old appartment just so it can be demolished our promising investigator moved to ohio! We picked up a new investigator who is missing half his left leg. We now have a ward mission leader! We found a potential investigator who just came home from afganistan. We are working real hard on all our less actives!
If you have any questions i would be more than glad to answer them!
Love ya! Elder Cade Robinson

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