Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Sacrament Talk

Letter from 3/10/14

  Our new trailer is nice. I really like it. The bathroom is a little small, but there is a second half bath that's nice. We still live with the 2nd Ward Elders. That's a challenge, but we live with it. Today they ran into a van with their Tacoma, haha!
   So how has Idaho History been? How is Sam doing? So did Riss get a loan to buy the Subaru? How much was it?
   That's crazy about Oreo!
   Colty and Brooklyn emailed me. it was nice to hear from them! Heck, I don't know what you were worried about, they acted married since sophomore year!
   We haven't heard anything about iPads or Facebook yet, but thank you for accepting Tamara McCoy's request for me.
   I am curious...what is going on now with your presidency?
   I am glad that the ward is doing so well!
   That is funny Addy thinks she is so cool with her earrings! Haha!
   I will send you some pictures next Monday!
Love ya!
Elder Cade Joseph Robinson

We were talking to our Elders on Thursday about we hadn't gotten any pictures of Cade lately, when my phone went off with a text with some pictures from Sister Cook! Crazy!

 Then, on Sunday, I got another text from Sister Cook (who was chorister that day) saying "Look who's speaking in Sacrament!"

Email from 3/17/14
So how does my Butt look from the pulpit? My talk was on obedience and Elder Kays was on the B.O.M. One other girl spoke for a few minutes before me. The talks went really well we were both overly prepared!
I am glad your visits went well yesterday! 
How did Caitlyn Break her wrist again? 
I think it would be Hilarious if we were all in that same ward. Poor little Kimberly just wouldnt know what to do though! Haha
Transfer News is on saturday for us I am nervous but excited. someone in our trailer every transfer has got a call early in the day with a special assignment so we will see if that tradition keeps rolling!
So i havent been getting any letters until monday afternoon from yall. so i dont know what question you are talking about!
Is Sammy boy going to have to have his tonsils removed i remember i was in 4th grade when i had mine yanked too!
Love yall
Elder Cade Joseph Robinson!

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