Thursday, April 17, 2014

Bloody Man?!

Letter from 4/7/14
Dear Family,
   Yá'át'ééh (hello in Navajo).
   Well, so far I love it out here.
    Most of the People are so sweet. Like I said this morning to dad, I still don't a lot of people, but I am starting to get more familiar with the area and some people. So what's going on at home? How was the new Captain America? Why was it such a plot change?
   So, Sariah emailed me today to let me know what was going on. And it was sure great to hear from Mike today.
   So...I wasn't gonna tell all y'all this, but Saturday afternoon we went to Bishop's house to watch conference and just after the opening prayer, their oldest daughter came running in screaming about a bloody guy. So Bishop and the 4 of us ran out and chased the guy down. On closer inspection, the guy was beat the crap up. He had been stabbed and was missing one of his fingers. So we tried to get him to sit down and calm down, but instead he kept going until he came to a 9 foot fence. So, thinking that would surely stop him, we kinda hung back. But he somehow climbed that and kept going. Then we never saw him again.
   So that was my crazy rez experience for the week.
Well, love y'all!
Hágoónee'  (bye in Navajo)
Elder Cade Joseph Robinson

Email from 4/14/14
No mom I did not get any blood on me. I am super careful about that kinda stuff quite frankly it freaks me out! Seeing him and walking with him didn't freak me out though. Alcohol is a huge problem down here even though it is illegal and you cant buy it on the rez.
I feel like I know that lady whose son got baptized from somewhere.
So that is pretty funny Elder Bowmans Bro is moving into the ward. he is kinda a legend here in many farms this was his first area and was here forever.
That is soo cool yall have a family temple night!!! I have been thinking of how much I miss the temple lately and I still have to wait like 5 more months before we go again. then that will be the last time until I go home! Speaking of which I have a few requests for things you can send me for Easter. One of which is my Temple clothes just to have for when that time comes, the next is dads baseball mitt the stake is starting up a  softball league. and I think that's it for right now.
That is sweet about Caleb's and Kurt's papers!!!
Love yall!
Elder Cade Joseph Robinson

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