Monday, May 5, 2014

Two emails and a letter

By the time I realized last week that I hadn't posted Cade's letter, it was closer to just wait for today's email and hope that he graced us with a letter, too. And he did!

Email 4/28/14:
Hey Mom,
So answers for Q's:
1.I do still wear my CTR ring
2.I bought extra large scriptures for my morning studies because my eyes dont like to work in the morning!
3. I bought those scriptures from the Lds distribution center.
That is so cool that Sam is doing good! 
So in response to your Chastisement. Things are so great down here the work is exploding down here we are averaging like 5 new investigators a week and twice this transfer we have found 9 in a week. We set 4 people on date for baptism yesterday alone. The people are so receptive we just have to do our part as missionaries and people will come unto Christ. Stake and Zone conferences were so great this week! We got to see President Batt 3 times this week. And that is always a spiritual Nitros boost! I went on exchanges with our DL in Lukachukai. Which is so pretty! It reminded me of Idaho. The dl is also from Nampa So we went on a hike for our morning exercise and it was great!
So that is my week in a nut shell! 
Keep me up to date!
Love ya!
Elder Cade Joseph Robinson
Letter dated 4/29/14:
   Canyon de Chelly was way fun! Bishop's daughters showed us all the likes and stuff (Facebook) and I knew like everyone. It was hilarious! That is crazy it is almost girl's camp time! I swear I just got out here and this transfer seems like it was a week long! I am so super excited for Sam! I didn't even know but I guess I had subconsciously been stressing for him. But now that you have told me he is ready to do better a huge relief just overcame me! So when do y'all pick up Dotty? How is Oreo doing? How do you think she will do with an addition? So today we went to Lukachukai again to have a district activity. We all grilled and then just chilled. The other missionaries in the district are Elder Sorenson (Texas), Elder Peterson (Colorado Springs), Elder Jones (Nampa) and Elder Manunaleuha (Hawaii). They are all so cool and I love them. Transfers are this week. I'm pretty sure I am staying, but I'm not sure about Elder Cook. He has been here 4 1/2 months now. I guess we will see soon. Well, I'm off to bed!
Love ya!
Elder Cade Joseph Robinson
P.S. The post office is closed here on Saturdays.
These are some fun pictures from the Bishop Logan's family. The first picture is from the hike in Canyon de Chelly and the second is from the post-Stake Conference Burger King run.
Email from 5/5/15:
Hey mom,
  So we will probably skype over at the Logans. And it will probably be like 6 or 7 o'clock. Either I or someone else will call you sunday morning or saturday night to let you know.
  So what pictures are you talking about? i got 2 pictures and i have no idear what the second one is!
  So how has Oreo been Grouchy with her? Like Snappy Or just ignores her?
  That is awesome about Tyler W and Sam C!! Its crazy to think that they are back already!
  Time flies out here though!
  It is weird to hear/read about all the people getting married and stuff though. I kind of expect everything to be on pause while im gone but it doesnt quite work that way.
  That is real weird that Riss might come down here! Tell her to be prepared to be real hot!
  So For transfers E. petersen is leaving. But he is going just to a bordering area. But he was a ticking time bomb he was here since we came out. 9 months! Everything else is the same in our trailer though. I get my favorite ZL back E. Christiansen. And E. Kay is Going to Dilkon With E. McCarrey. And E. Kay is now the DL over There.
I warned E. Cook That all of my previous Comps have become DLs now. But he didnt seem real worried.
  Fast sunday was real good that was maybe the best testimony meeting i have ever been in! One of our investigators bore his testimony he really wants to be baptized but he cant because he is on parole. But we still work with him eventually he will get off. 
  Well I will talk to you in a couple days!
Love ya mom 
Elder Cade Joseph Robinson

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  1. We miss you in Cortez Elder Robinson! Praying for your success and protection! Hope all is well and can't wait to see you again one day. All our best! Hugs! - The Cooks