Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Yes, Mom is a slacker and didn't post last week's email :)

First off, let me just say that Mother's Day was phenomenal! It was wonderful to sit and talk with Cade and know that he is still Cade! We all had such a good time, especially getting to hear about what he's doing, since his emails are pretty non-informative a lot of the time!

Email from 5/12/14:

Yeah just about every one I tell gets a good kick out of that one.
That is pretty cool school is almost over. That means i am sneaking up on my year mark pretty soon! 
Sam will have so much fun on his Boise/ Father-sons day! I think mine was like that too! I miss camping pretty bad!
Tell sam that I love him too!
Its pretty funny the dog bit him this morning though! haha! Where did she get him? 
Well Mom hope you have a wonderful Mothers day/ Birthday week! Dang how old are you getting anyways? 
Love You Butt tons!
Elder Cade
Email from 5/19/14:
I am sorry I didnt get you B-Day Present sent on time I am sending it today though! And the Google drive thing didnt work again! So the Piggy Back Email Almost Kinda worked. I will Reply Back all to you this way and i think it will be easier. if I replied to the other one i think it would have only gone to sam.
So I am excited to see the video! Grandma And Riss had been bugging me since before i left for those pictures! So the story on the raccoon It was a members pet in Cortez it was freaking hilarious. I dont know what dogs you are talking about but the donkeys hang around the church here all day so i thought i might as well chase them! They are real asses though! That is sweet that Rochelle Graduated! Tell her i said congratulations! I was pretty stinking excited to talk to Colty too though! He didnt know who it was at first though haha!Grandma told me bout grandpas knee that is a bummer but he reassured me he will be ready to go hunting by the time i get back though then i told him we have to go to Cortez To slay some of those massive Bucks and he said "Ok Ill save my money" Haha. 
Love Yall!!!!!
Elder Cade Robinson
For some reason, I'm not able to upload the video to the blog, but you can see it on my Facebook and Cade's Facebook page if you would like!

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