Thursday, March 5, 2015

Zuni Traditional Wear

It is crazy how fast time is flying!  That is awesome y'all had a regional conference!
They switched up our branch presidency a little yesterday. I think it will be a good change.
That is nice that Lexi's Reception went well! Did you do the flowers for it?
That is a bummer Sam had strep. It does seem like he is always sick! 
That is awesome Riss is doing cosmetology school in Provo, haha! I told her she will be married in no time down there! 
We weren't doing service in slacks. I don't actually know when it happenend or how. I will get that pic of the tag to you later tonight. 
This week was a little better than last week! We were able to catch quite a few people we haven't for a while. It was nice! 
Our sewer got backed up on Thursday, probably by some tree roots, so we have been running to the church to go to the bathroom!  And we have showered once since Friday! That has been real exciting! 
We had some fun trying on the Zuni traditional stuff! The people who let us are recent converts and they are just fun all the time! 
Well we are headed into Gallup in a few minutes, so I will talk to you later!
Love ya!
Elder Cade


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