Monday, March 16, 2015

   That is awesome that Caden got baptized! The Logan's are so awesome! I haven't heard from them in a while but I can't wait to catch up with them! 
   I can't believe that Jake is home already! Tell him to email me. He owes me! I wrote him like 2 letters and emailed him a time or 2.
   That is really exciting that Riss's schooling is coming together.
   I can't believe that spring break is already here! Time is going by way too fast!
   So... as for the Schroedter family... tell them to call President Batt and ask him if that is ok, then if he okays it our services start at 10ish and the chuch is at 11 Paywa Drive, Zuni NM 87327. It would be cool to see them but I want to make sure it is alright with President first!
   Our week was pretty good! We had 13 lessons. The people we teach are awesome, I just wish they got the big picture in why we are there teaching them! 
   I had some pics but I forgot my camera so maybe later I will send them.
Love ya! 
Elder Cade
A sweet Sister Griner from Grants NM was so kind as to send us a picture of Elders Robinson and Loveless yesterday from church! We were excited to see them!!

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