Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Two Emails, New Mission President

Email from 7/6/15

  Can you believe it has been 95 weeks of emails? That is a long freaking time! 
  That is sad that President Packer died! That is crazy that 2 went so fast together.
  So that is good that you had fun at the reunion!
  I am glad to hear that Jaxon and Bryson are getting to be themselves again. I am so excited to catch up with everyone!
  So when will Sammy-boy be done with hunters ed? Hopefully before October cuz that's when all our hunting starts!
  That is great Riss is feeling confident about going off to school! 
Our week was pretty awesome! We were able to set 3 people on date to be baptized. Our district meeting went super well an Elder serving in Chinle gave a super good training on Charity. On the 4th we went and watched a baptism in Steamboat AZ, then came back and had a cookout/softball game. That was super awesome! Yesterday we had a great service then we went out and got some great work done!
  We  haven't met Pres. Adams yet. we will on Thursday though so I guess I will let you know next week! 
Well have a great week!
Love ya!
Elder Cade

Email from 7/13/15

This week has been good! 
So 3 exciting things: 
1. We met our new mission president. He seems really cool! 
2. We had 12 lessons this week! We need to keep increasing but I think we can do it.
3. 1 MONTH!!!!!!!!!
  That is crazy that the kids from Rissa's grade are leaving! You are getting old!
  I want some TX Roadhouse so bad! That sounds so good!
  That is super cool that dad got to go to the Batt's homecoming! 
  Well the district I am in is super cool so it makes it super fun to be the District Leader. 
  We (I) decided to have Elder Cornu drive from now on to try to help him learn the area better. And it has been super nice! I think I have driven every day since last March, and it is so nice to just relax in the passenger seat, haha!!
Well, sorry this is short but we are running to Chinle today, so we have to hurry!
Love ya!
Elder Cade

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