Wednesday, July 22, 2015

  This week went well! We didn't quite meet our lessons goal, but it was a busy week. We had a zone training, I went on exchanges to Many Farms, plus all our service hours.
  Exciting little tidbit for the week: we went over to Virgie Tom's, the one who got baptized right before Mother's Day, and we asked her kids if they knew if they both wanted to be baptized yet and they said they did, but is was almost like "We have been waiting for you to ask!" So I am super excited about that! Well, it sounds like your week went well! 
  I was so excited to go to Many Farms! That was a blast!! I saw the Harveys! They have been through some rough times this last year, but they are just staying strong. Then I was able to go to their correlation meeting, and those elders are doing really well, especially since they have both been out less than 4 months!
  So funny story: The 2nd counselor in our branch presidency has diabetes... well, the Priesthood lesson got dumped on him in the middle of Sunday School, but his pump was acting up, so he told me he was gonna run home and get it figured out so if I could just start the lesson then he would come finish it... Well, long story short, I ended up teaching the whole lesson and it was on marriage and I was like "What the heck! I dont know what to teach about on this!" so we just read out of the manual the whole time, haha!
  I hate  snakes!!!! So we made sure to kill this one! 
Well have a great week! Love ya!
Elder Cade
PS: Mom, PLEASE come pick me up in Salt Lake City!!!!! That way we can visit the whole way home! And get me Texas Roadhouse to eat on the way home! I am dying for some TR!

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