Monday, April 6, 2015

Transfer News---Back to AZ!

It is crazy that Elder Kay goes home this week! So weird! It feels like we were just comps like a month ago!
Well I am excited to go to Pinon, but sad to leave Zuni! It has been a lot of fun here, but I have been missing Navajo Land lately so I am undecided how I feel!
I did get the package on Friday, so thank you! Meet the Mormons is a great movie, I really like it!
So just to make sure you have it, my new address is:
PO Box 1152
Pinon, AZ 86510
I will be looking forward to getting a suit that isnt Rezzed out yet, haha!
That is way cool Spencer is coming to this mission! It will be good for someone to carry on the TF legacy after Elder Thompson and I leave! There has been someone from every class that has come here for 4 years now, haha!
I don't know what my favorite talk was, but Priesthood was by far my favorite session! We watched all the sessions at Our Branch Mission leaders house.
That is cool that you get to be the missionary mom again. Did you feel lost for a while haha!?
I was blown away that Riss was the first one awake! Usually she is the woman version of the Grinch !
I forgot my camera again today but I will send pics next week, I promise!!
Love ya!
Elder Cade

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