Tuesday, April 28, 2015

2 Weeks Worth of Emails

Email from 4/20:
   This week was good!
   We have these really awesome investigators named Virgie and Jodee and they are preparing pretty soon for Baptism! And yesterday we had scheduled an appointment with them for after church! But we couldn't find another male to go with us so we went out with the intentions of rescheduling. But when we got there they were determined to have a lesson so we set up some chairs out front in their little porch deal. Well right in the middle of the lesson, a little micro burst or something came through and was getting us soaking wet! So we asked if they would just want to finish it later but they again insisted that we finished our lesson! So that was like our highlight of the week! 
  On Saturday I broke a tooth eating lunch. I think I had cracked it long before hauling wood in Zuni so it was just like a ticking time bomb. 
  It sounds like yall had a pretty exciting week! 
That is so cool that you went to Swan Lake for former Elder Kay's homecoming! He is awesome and I miss him!
Well, sorry to cut this short but I am out of time...
Love ya!
Elder Cade
Email from 4/27:
   Gallup was good! The Zone Conference was awesome! I learned a whole Butt-ton of good stuff. The dentist appt. wasn't too unpleasant. I hate dentists, but Bro Shaheen is a great guy! If I understood him correctly he is just going to bill the insurance for all that he can and then not charge us anything. But it will need a crown. I have a temporary one on right now and the real thing should be ready in a few weeks.
   That bathroom looks awesome! Good job!
   I just did write Noah a minute ago, so he will get it next week probably.
   Your little dilemma was funny! Torn in so many ways..... How are you gonna get it all done?!
   That is crazy Sam wanted to de junk! I thought he was a little pack rat.
   Well, our week went really well! ZC pretty well took up the first half of the week. Then we were able to help the Grush's put in quite a few Gardens. There is a gardening project down here to try to help with some self reliance. Then we had some really awesome lessons! A few with Virgie and Jodee trying to get them ready for Baptism here in a couple of weeks. And then some others with really awesome families! Saturday I ran over a prairie dog. And then on Sunday we had like 10 people we have been working with come to church! So it was a really great week!
 I hope you have a great week coming up!
Love ya!
Elder Cade

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